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The origin of music and song more or less coincides with the beginning of human history. Numerous musical instrument have been made throughout mankind’s existence, and about the 11th century, a system of writing music was adopted. Reference works say that opera had its origin in Florence, Italy, at the end of the 16th century.

┬áSOMEONE once said: Music and noise are like two different boys – one so delightful, the other frightful! Haven’t you noticed how music can stir within us uplifting emotions of joy and exhilaration, much like an updraft that carries a soaring bird aloft? At other times though, music can bring down on us a melancholy feeling, even sadness and tears.
Music has been called an international language. Why? Because people who do not speak the same tongue can communicate through enjoyment of the same music. Moreover, music has worldwide appeal because it touches just about every aspect of human life. We have love songs, wedding songs, cradle songs, girl and boy songs. We have popular and classical music, Oriental and Western music, folk songs and rock. There is sophisticated music, sometimes with a Latin beat. There is also the very lovely and captivating waltz. And, have you not tapped your toes or clapped your hands in time with a lively polka or a stirring march? Quite likely you have.
In some way, due to our makeup as humans, melodious and harmonious sounds can have a deep and emotional impact on us. Especially is this so when they are coordinated with the right tempo, and perhaps accompanied with appropriate words, or lyrics. Music is organized sound. Music is therefore an art form that exists in the realms of sound and time.

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